Ethel Rebecca Benjamin
Once upon a time, there was a woman who changed everything. Her name was Ethel Rebecca Benjamin, and she was the world's very first, female lawyer.
A revolution in an old fashioned industry, filled with prejudices. Now, more than a century later, she returns as a symbol for a world desperately in need of innovation.

Today Ethel aims to change the outlook of law, for a more transparent, beautiful and practical legal industry.
Ethel is born yet again, on a journey that stands for the second revolution in the legal world. Let us be the co-pilot in your practice, in your industry, in your business.
Ethel recently joined forces with Digital Project Management. Innovative projects require a strong focus and a tight time frame. That's where Digital Project Management comes in!
About the Team
Meet our team of innovation evangelists
Pieter-Jan Franssen
Lawyer - Legal Engineer
Pieter-Jan is the go-to-guy for clients to meet. He conveys a very important message: technology is not here to replace you, but to strengthen you.

Pieter-Jan is a lawyer at the Limburg bar. He is a member of the IT committee of the Order of Flemish Bars. Pieter-Jan is a driven innovation catalyst that uses his knowledge of the sector to guide lawyers and legal counsels towards efficiency, growth and innovation.
Britt Claessens
Organizational Psychologist - Digital Project Manager
Britt is our energetic and deadly efficient Digital Project Manager. She's the one you need when stuff needs to get done. No wonder she founded her own company: www.digitalprojectmanagement.be

Britt has a Masters Degree in Organizational Psychology. She understands the impact new technology may have on people and organizations. With Britt on your project, you never lose the human touch.

Why work with us

Feel the pressure to innovate but don't know where to start? We do!
We can't predict the future, but we're sure about one thing: it will be digital. Let's start transforming your organization today.
AI, blockchain, chatbots,... we know all about it. Rethink the way you operate before someone else beats you to it.
Data Driven
Stop conceptualizing services or products based on assumptions. Ask your customers what they want and act upon it.
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