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We love innovation. And we love talking. That is precisely why we would like to take you into the wonderful world of legal design jams, innovation bootcamps and growth hacking.

Chinese, you say? Not for long! We're ready to challenge your team and rethink your business processes during our hands on keynotes and workshops.
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Events and public keynotes
Want to attend one of our events or a public keynote? Check back regularly for updates!
HASSELT - 3/04/2020
Legal Practitioners Day - PXL
ONLINE - 9/04/2020
Webinar - What is legal tech? (in Dutch)
HASSELT - 3/07/2020
Legal Summer Academy - Confocus
LEUVEN - 20/08/2020
Legal Summer Academy - Confocus
HASSELT - 29/10/2020
Smart solutions for lawyers and notaries - PXL
Practice Management tools for lawyers
HASSELT - 11/03/2020
Get started with document automation
BRUSSELS - 12/12/2019
Paralegal Day 2019 - Wolters Kluwer
Brussels - 12/12/2019
Legal Management Academy - IBJ
Hands on
Collaboration and co-creation: that's our focus. Our workshops ensure that you can use the most efficient legal design tools, and can quickly introduce best practices in your firm or legal department.

We know what's out there and which tools allow you to test the experience you have in mind. Have something particular in mind or want to get started yourself?
Can't find what you're looking for?
Feel free to reach out and describe your wishes and deepest desires. We're probably able to provide you with a bespoke offering. All you have to do is contact us!