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Last week our team attended several conferences, workshops and keynotes in London, Brussels and Maastricht. To get you up to speed with the latest developments, we wrote a little summary on what we’ve been up to.

LEGAL GEEK On Wednesday Daan attended the main event of the Legal Geek Conference in London. As a first timer he wasn’t sure what to expect, but things turned out really well. A full day of keynotes, start-up booths and the most interesting people in the field present; what more could one wish for?

It was nice to see Ethel wasn’t the only shipping in from Belgium! We’ve had encounters with the guys from Clausebase, Corporify, Sket among others!

Social media was buzzing so make sure to check out #legalgeek and #legaldesigngeek for pictures and videos!


BELGIAN LEGAL TECH CONGRESOn Thursday the team was present in Brussels at the Legal Tech Congres hosted by the Flemish Bar Association (OVB) with a booth at the start-up fair, while Pieter-Jan delivered a keynote in the legal tech corner explaining the attendees why innovation is necessary.

It goes without saying we strongly encourage these type of initiatives being pushed by the Bar! Last year’s edition was the setting for two of our founders to meet each other

One lucky participant (you should’ve received an e-mail about this!) won a workshop by our team and Pieter-Jan was interviewed by


MAASTRICHT LAW & TECH LAB LAUNCH EVENTOn Friday we attended a keynote session by the acclaimed professor Dan Katz, hosted by the University of Maastricht to promote the launch of their Law & Tech Lab.

The newly established Lab consists of members from the law faculty (obviously ) and shall work in close collaboration with the Maastricht European Centre on Privacy and Cybersecurity, the Institute of Data Science and the Department of Data Science and Knowledge Engineering.

The Lab also collaborates with student fellows through their grassroots student organization, Technolawgeeks, which was actually set up by the leading Belgian legal hacker, Caroline Calomme, during her time at the University of Maastricht. Hence why she’s an affiliated member of the newly founded Lab.

Interested in knowing more about law and technology, programming, the Influencer Law Clinic, or the Lab events? Check our their website.

Oh and we scoped out a co-working space to set up shop for our satellite office in Hasselt! More news about that soon, but here’s a sneak peak!

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