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Yesterday marked the fifth demo night by BXL Legal Hackers and Daan was asked to host the night last-minute because the leading lady of the Belgian Legal Hackers scene – Caroline Calomme – unfortunately fell sick.

Here are some photo’s to give those who missed the event a little glimpse into what happened.

For those interested in better understanding the value proposition set out by the pitching Legal Techs, here’s a little summary on what they had to say!


uLaw is an entirely remodeled work environment dedicated to lawyers and their clients. It enables clients to post their case on the platform and receive quotes from multiple lawyers to work together with.

Post your job, compare work proposals from leading professionals, get visibility on the steps of your case, their budgets, deadlines and follow the work performed by your lawyer in real time.

And the cool thing is that it also serves as a tool for senior lawyers to outsource work to juniors or freelance legal professionals.


As a legal professional, your expertise is your main asset. The efficient use of such expertise is key for increasing productivity, client satisfaction and business opportunities. And this is exactly what LeyQi’s tool allows you to do: translate your expert knowledge and legal workflows into intelligent questionnaires via a no-code automation tool. No IT competence required!

Next to a demo of their product, Jef and Claudine – two of the founders – introduced their idea for a common Legal Tech user management and data storage system using Blockstack ID’s. This open call to all interested Legal Tech companies could serve the entire industry really well and is something we can only applaud!
Interested? Reach out to jef!


Do you prefer to manage your contracts in-house? Contractify’s contract management platform allows you to centralize, document and monitor your contracts. This is done across departments & teams with a clear starting point of pre-defined files.

Their intuitive dashboard shows you at a glance which contracts and tasks require your attention, and what awaits you in the coming months. In addition to your own dashboard, you also have insight into the contracts and tasks of your team on the team dashboard.

Lex is an innovative legal research platform, indexing everything from legislation to caselaw, in addition to a host of other features. In today’s digital world, lex empowers citizens and legal professionals to take advantage of the huge influx of information and find value in it.

Next to indexing legal sources and enabling easier searches, lex also serves a knowledge management tool to organize documents and other files, digitizing your paper library and also make contract drafting a lot easier!

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