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Legal Tech Selection

Looking for the best document automation, knowledge or practice management tool? Let us guide you through our 7-step process and stop wasting time on endless vendor meetings. We've thoroughly researched the market and know what's out there, tremendously cutting time from your RFI-RFP process.
What our process looks like
Depending upon your use case, a different legal tech application will be best to use. Don't be tricked into believing one tool will work perfectly for everything!
We agree upon the scope of the project and set out a roadmap, draft user stories and challenge your IT requirements.
Based on the results of the audit (your business and IT requirements), we look for best in class solutions that meet your needs.
Based on our long- and shortlists, you select the tools you would like more information about and the ones you would like to give a go.
Demo day
We host a demo day for you to challenge the legal tech providers you've selected.
Feeling overwhelmed with the things you were introduced to on Demo day? No worries! We're here to guide you in the right direction!
Now it's up to you to decide which tool or tools you would like start using!
If needed, our team can assist with the technical implementation and the change management required to turn your digital transformation efforts into a success.
Leave your details here and we'll be in touch!
Specific topics we get a lot
We work hard to continuously improve our process, workflows and materials. As we've run tracks on these topics numerous times, you can find a detailed rundown of the benefits for those ↓
Document Automation
Boring, repetitive work is soon to be a thing of the past. Document automation software enables your team to free up time to deliver actual added value and reduces human errors. As one of our most frequented use cases, we've gained quite the expertise with regards to this one.

Coming soon
Contract (Life Cycle) Management
Contract negotiation can take forever. However, once signed those contracts usually end up in some drawer to never be looked at ever again. Unless shit hits the fan. Contract Management tools enable you to keep a detailed overview and manage your to do's.
Coming soon
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