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Lawyers have been trained to look backwards, to precedents, to find the solutions to their client's problems. So it should come as no surprise that the profession is stuck when it comes to adopting technology.

Fueled by advancing technology, new business models and altered client expectations, the legal industry faces unprecedented change across its entire value chain. We hope you enjoy the ride as we attempt to systematically map the uncharted waters of the future legal realm and simultaneously inspire you to build a new future in law.
Ethel Lightning Decision Jam
Your practical introduction to Legal Tech
2 hours and 15 minutes of pure inspiration
1 hour
Legal Tech Keynote
Pieter-Jan Franssen, Partner-Director at Ethel
Have yourself and your team immersed in the benefits legal tech has to offer. We'll give you an overview of the market and some of the most interesting tools.
15 min
Break ☕
Let everything sink in and share ideas!
1 hour
Document Automation Workshop
Britt Claessens, Partner-Director at Ethel
Get ready to get nerdy! In this workshop we'll dive into the basic principles of document automation and you'll be able to draft your first automated contract.
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