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Design thinking is our baseline
You're the legal expert. Let's keep it that way! We'll add our special design and tech sauce to make sure you outperform your competitors. Check out our introductory keynotes and workshops to get you up to speed!
Legal tech selection
You hear it everywhere: "technology is eating the world." Now how do you get that tech working for you? The legal tech market is growing at a vast pace, but remains very fragmented. How do you select the right tool for your organization?

Stop wasting your time listening to dozens of sales pitches from tech providers. Our selection process and knowledge of the market saves you precious time and ensures you end up picking the tools that best suit your needs.
We blend tech and design
Your legal know-how is your greatest asset. However, getting that knowledge across requires a different set of skills. Design thinking methods and technology foster the creation of legal products and productized services. We support this process from start to finish.
Our happy customers
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Feel free to reach out and describe your wishes and deepest desires. We're probably able to provide you with a bespoke offering. All you have to do is contact us!